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Unwinding Anxiety


Unwinding Anxiety


Anxiety is something we all experience as a natural response to the uncertainties of life. We can't change the fact that there's so much we can't control, but we don't have to live in a state of constant anxiety. 


Through mindfulness, we can develop our capacity to better understand our own minds, relate to our thoughts with curiosity so they don't fuel anxiety, and use body-based tools to deescalate anxious mind/body states, find grounding, and come back to a baseline of calm.

In this workshop, we introduce a handful of tools that you can use on-the-go at work and at home. With consistency, these practices to unwind anxiety will become second nature and you will discover a sense of ease and agency, even in the midst of difficulty.

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2-Minute Pause for Calm

Calming the Waves of Anxiety

For many people, taking longer periods to practice can really help unwind anxiety at deeper level. We've included a 30 minute meditation here that's relaxing and powerful....we invite you to give it a try when you have more space, perhaps on a weekend or in the evening before bed.

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Many terrible things have happened in my life, most of which never occurred.

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